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Help us make Table Mountain National Park a safe and thriving environment for everyone.

Table Mountain Needs You

Become a Friend of Table Mountain.

Table Mountain National Park needs our help to thrive. We are on a mission to safeguard this natural wonder – and every contribution makes a difference.


Become a Friend today! Donate your time as a volunteer, raise your voice for the park's wellbeing or lend a hand through financial support.


Together we can safeguard a healthy park for ourselves and future generations, and ensure safer trails and a welcoming environment for all park users.


Thank you!

Table Mountain by Luke Powers
FOTM SnapeScan

Donate to Friends of Table Mountain

Simply scan the SnapScan QR code displayed. It's a quick and secure way to donate, with no additional fees (except standard data charges).

Alternatively, you can donate to one of our projects via Quicket.

If you are feeling particularly generous or are a corporate sponsor donating R1000 or more and need a SARS 18a tax certificate, please contact us, as this requires a different payment process.


Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see how your donation is making a big difference.

Thank you!

Support a Cause

Sign a petition or support us with a donation – thank you!

We call on SANParks to create a dedicated Strategic Biodiversity Unit for TMNP.

Stop crime on Table Mountain.

Please support our

advocacy efforts.


Become a Friend today! Donate your time as a volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities and support:

Thank you! We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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