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What We Do

Trail maintenance. Nature conservation. Safety for all.


One of our key goals is to ensure the trails across Table Mountain National Park remain in good shape. We believe in accessibility and maintaining the pathways is a vital part of that mission.


In cooperation with SANParks, our Trail Apostles team has already transformed dozens of previously degraded routes, from Devil's Peak to Nursery Ravine, making it easier and safer to access the mountain.

The map below details the current condition of trails around the national park. Please scroll down to learn more and for contact details should you have any updates to share.

Want to help out? We invite anyone with a spare hour or two to drop by and get involved in our trail maintenance projects, whether that's carrying logs or hammering stakes. Find out more by dropping us a line via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Of course any monetary donations are always deeply appreciated, too.

Trail Rehabilitation Projects

In order to prevent degradation of TMNP's trails we have employed a small team of trail workers. The Trail Apostles have been doing fantastic work clearing and fixing trails – if you see them on the mountain, please say hello!

Table Mountain by Arthur brognoli

Trail Map

Tracking the condition of TMNP's trails


Purple signifies an area in need of attention. Be sure to tread carefully and report any concerns to the park authorities.

Green trails showcase the dedication of Friends of Table Mountain, representing paths we have repaired and cleared.

Yellow signifies sections where SANParks has completed maintenance efforts.

Orange highlights areas overrun by alien vegetation. The orange signifies the ongoing battle against invasive plants, a crucial aspect of Table Mountain's preservation.

To suggest trails in need of maintenance, please contact Andrew Travis on

* Get the most out of this map's features by viewing it on a desktop computer.

Conservation Partners

Our conservation focus is the removal of invasive alien vegetation in Table Mountain National Park. Rather than start another initiative dedicated to this effort, we have partnered with organisations already doing incredible work on the mountain.

The Sugarbird Project contracts and supports teams to clear invasive alien vegetation in Table Mountain National Park, providing training, permits, tools, herbicide, personal protective equipment, oversight and moral support.

Learn more

The Helihack Initiative works to remove difficult-to-reach alien invasive pine trees on the cliffs of Table Mountain using helicopters. The overarching goal is to upscale operations for biodiversity protection and to improve rainwater runoff.

Learn more

Newlands Forest Conservation Group is made up of volunteers working to prevent and reduce some of the major issues in the area, such as bark stripping, invasive species, littering and dog fouling.

Learn more


Become a Friend today! Donate your time as a volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities and support:

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